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Outsourcing&More (issue: 36 | September-October)

issue 36


The beginning of September is as always a time for the 5th annual edition of Outsourcing&More Magazine. This time we had a pleasure to talk to Bartosz Siepracki, Enterprise Ireland Director in Poland, who shared with us his thoughts concerning Irish companies and their focus on product innovation. In the international section we have a pleasure to provide you with a set of publications from Bulgaria, Romania and Lithuania. As the Smart City topic is becoming more and more popular, this time in the section dedicated to Poland we have focused on this area presenting you intelligent solutions already present in towns and cities. Thanks to Małgorzata Serwa from HRK you can also read about the recipe for success when it comes to cooperation between BPO/SSC company and recruitment Agency.
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Outsourcing&More is English magazine issued bimonthly and focused on outsourcing industry.

The main goal of the magazine is education and information – professional advisory, publication of the interesting articles describing outsourcing industry and promotion of the main outsourcing events.

The magazine has influential role and presents the newest best practices and points to the most actual subjects related to outsourcing market on the world.

Main Goals

The main goal of the magazine is to promote outsourcing industry and BSS sector.

Besides the main goal the magazine promotes active development of the industry, education and inspiration of the managers and future employees.

Outsourcing&More as well OutsourcingPortal is also creating the communication platform between the suppliers and receivers of the services to allow building quick business relationships.

Target Group

The target group of Outsourcing&More are C and mid-level managers of the companies from outsourcing industry (BPO, SSC, KPO, ITO, HRO, facility management, etc.), as well as from companies interested in optimization of the processes and open for outsourcing practices.

The magazine is also dedicated for Polish and international investors, service providers, representatives of municipalities and Cities, public institutions, embassies and chambers of commerce operating in Poland.

Technical Details

Year-show: 2011
Release cycle: bimonthly
format: 203x275mm
number of pages: 112-128
cover page: 200g matt + matt foil 1+0
inside pages: 90g matt
binding: glued
number of copies: 3 000 (printed copies); no-limit (PDF format)
price: free of charge
language versions: Polish, English
distribution: Poland + industry events, conferences, international chambers of commerce, embassies


  • BPO - Business Process Outsourcing
  • Call/Contact Centre
  • CFM - Car Fleet Management
  • CRM - Customer Relationship Management
  • Data Archiving
  • F&A - Finance and Accounting
  • Facility Management
  • HRO - Human Resources Outsourcing
  • ITO - IT Outsourcing
  • KPO - Knowledge Process Outsourcing
  • LPO - Legal Process Outsourcing
  • R&D - Research and Development
  • RPO - Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Software Development
  • SFO – Sales Force Outsourcing
  • TSL - Transport Services and Logistics
And other issues related to such topics as Nearshoring, Offshoring, Outsourcing, Captive Centres, etc.


Controlled distribution to public institutions (city councils, municipalities, embassies, libraries, chambers of commerce, etc.), public and private schools and universities, Special Economy Zones and Industry-Technology Parks.(Publisher is updating the distribution list on daily basis).

Controlled distribution to qualified B2B readers; (companies are added to the database via magazine’s web page).

Direct distribution during the biggest industry events.

nlimited electronic publication (PDF) to all interested readers; (PDF can be downloaded from the Magazine’s web page).


If you are interested in advertising or promoting your organization in Outsourcing&More Magazine, contact us using below contact details, please:

Patrycja Kusztal
ph. +48 887 104 500


Outsourcing&More (numer: 36 | September-October)

issue: 36


The beginning of September is as always a time for the 5th annual edition of Outsourcing&More Magazine. This time we had a pleasure to talk to Bartosz Siepracki, Enterprise Ireland Director in Poland, who shared with us his thoughts concerning Irish companies and their focus on product innovation. In the international section we have a pleasure to provide you with a set of publications from Bulgaria, Romania and Lithuania. As the Smart City topic is becoming more and more popular, this time in the section dedicated to Poland we have focused on this area presenting you intelligent solutions already present in towns and cities. Thanks to Małgorzata Serwa from HRK you can also read about the recipe for success when it comes to cooperation between BPO/SSC company and recruitment Agency.
Outsourcing&More (numer: 35 | July-August 2017)

issue: 35

July-August 2017

In July edition of Outsourcing&More we have a pleasure to present the interview with Mr Carsten Nilsen, Chairman of the Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce, where the President of SPCC presents presence of Scandinavian business in Poland. Among other topics within published articles we also focus on the Shared Services Centres as the valuable working places, as well as the reality of return to work after the maternity leave. The end of Q2 was a period of many interesting business events where we had a pleasure to attend. Here you can find a review of some of them. Besides publications from Poland, we also focus on Lithuania, Ukraine and Romania.
Outsourcing&More (numer: 34 | May-June)

issue: 34


Elias van Herwardeen foresees the future of FSSCs, Dubai is opening for IT companies, the summary of Multicultural Skills in Business Conference organized in Lodz, Dice Dilemma presented by Waldek Olbryk and many other publications and interviews. Among them KPMG answers the question if global centres are language dependent and Andrew Hallam from ASPIRE comments Krakow’s blueprint for global success. Enjoy the reading of the May edition of Outsourcing&More which had its premiere at the ASPIRE annual conference in Krakow.
Outsourcing&More (numer: 33 | March-April 2017)

issue: 33

March-April 2017

Outsourcing&More Magazine continuous the evolution process and for the first time ever we are presenting it with two different cover pages and different content. In Polish version, the main interview we run with Agni Zygner – General Manager of CAPITA Poland and we talk about challenges and threats to the SSC/BPO sector. In English version of Outsourcing&More you can read the interview with Till Hahndorf from BW Business Bridge who presents how to work with German market. On our pages you can also find a number of Polish and International publications focused on HR, sourcing, Real Estate and investment attractiveness of cities and countries. Thanks to Grafton Recruitment we are presenting the newest update concerning the salaries in BSS sector, and together with cities we investigate more the area of work life balance. Enjoy the reading.
Outsourcing&More (numer: 32 | January-February 2017)

issue: 32

January-February 2017

This is first time we present you renewed Outsourcing&More. On our pages you can find now publications not only from Poland but also news and articles from other Countries. The main interview we present this time is with Adam Krzanowski, the CEO of Nowy Styl Group. You can also find summary of the Outsourcing Breakfasts from 2016 and many other publications concerning sales, management, optimization and back office services.
Outsourcing&More (numer: 31 | November-December 2016)

issue: 31

November-December 2016

We are already five years with you. This period has been very fruitful and we managed to publish hundreds of articles, interviews and reports describing outsourcing and modern business services market. In this jubilee issue we are summarizing last five years, but also add Deloitte’s description of Polish BPO industry, interview with Ms Kerry Hallard – the CEO of Global Sourcing Association UK as well as information concerning the consolidation in finance and accounting and payroll outsourcing services industry. In its last edition in 2016, Best2Invest is closer focusing on taxes in Poland and local BSS markets. In HR section, experts from Randstad underline employment changes, which are contemplated by every one in three Polish employees. In topics related to Real Estate market – Savills describes office market in Lublin and CBRE answers the question if Real Estate Agency should be chosen for continuous cooperation or individual contract for each specific project.
Outsourcing&More (numer: 30 | September-October 2016)

issue: 30

September-October 2016

In September’s Outsourcing&More the main interview we have run with Ms. Jadwiga Emilewicz – Undersecretary of State in Polish Ministry of Development. We talk about modern services in Poland, BSS sector, start-ups and future of Invest in Poland Agency. Among other publications we also write about call contact center market, effective management of training processes and remarks regarding outsourcing of accounting services. This time we have also prepared the appendix focused on modern offices dedicated to BPO/SSC projects in Poland.
Outsourcing&More (numer: 29 | July-August 2017)

issue: 29

July-August 2017

In current edition of Outsourcing&More you are invited to read the interview with Maarten Vermeulen, the RICS Regional Director, who talks about Futures Report and IESC Coalition. On our pages you will also find Unicall’s forecast for Polish Call Center market, information concerning human factor that contributes to the success of SSC/BPO companies, legal advices concerning liability for partnership’s obligations and many other publications.
Outsourcing&More (numer: 28 | May-June 2016)

issue: 28

May-June 2016

Sales is the real engine of each company and this time we have decided to focus more on that subject in current edition of Outsourcing&More. We have described also steps to accelerating more women into leadership, data security, as well as the customer experience in international scenario. On our pages you can find description of ITO&BPO Germany Forum from Berlin and invitation to another BVB Cup at Sopot.
Outsourcing&More (numer: 27 | March-April 2016)

issue: 27

March-April 2016

Outsourcing is present at various business activities. One of the most popular is IT. IT is also the topic we have focused the most in the current edition of Outsourcing&More. In the interviews section we have a pleasure to present you two great chats we had a pleasure to have with Oliver Berks, who told us about business objectives of HPE GBS Poland. Our second expert was Loredana Niculae from NNC Services who described Romanian IT industry.
Outsourcing&More (numer: 26 | January-February 2016)

issue: 26

January-February 2016

2016 has already started. This is a good time to analyse the market trends. In current edition of Outsourcing&More we are describing financial and accounting challenges in the wholesale sector as well as finite employment contracts after labor code amendment in Poland. In the HR section we are answering the question – more work, or more money?
Outsourcing&More (numer: 25 | November-December 2015)

issue: 25

November-December 2015

Outsourcing and modern business services have the global presence. In current edition of Outsourcing&More we are focusing more on Ukrainian IT market, we also include publications describing process management in international IT companies as well as the outsourcing road to excellence. In Best2Invest you can find a significant package of information describing FDI capital in Polish cities and two reports concerning Outlook for the Warsaw office market and growing talent shortages.
Outsourcing&More (numer: 24 | September-October 2015)

issue: 24

September-October 2015

The September edition of Outsourcing&More includes the newest and most important publications related to the modern business services. The main interview is run with Scott Newman from State Street. In Best2Invest we have focused this time on education and foreign language philology studies in Poland.
Outsourcing&More (numer: 23 | July-August 2015)

issue: 23

July-August 2015

Thanks to your comments and recommendations, the July/August edition of Outsourcing&More brings you a number of changes in its format. First time ever we bring you information from cities grouped in one place – The Best2Invest section. On our pages you can find the interview with Sławomir Wontrucki – the CEO of LeasePlan. We also advise how to find the perfect office and we add a set of news from Call and Contact Center world.
Outsourcing&More (numer: 22 | May-June 2015)

issue: 22

May-June 2015

In the May edition of Outsourcing&More we are presenting the interview with the CEO of IAOP – Ms Debi Hamill. The newest industry publications are presented by DTZ and Page Personnel. CEO of the ASM GROUP explains what the sales force outsourcing really is, City Bell expert advices about the business role of communication and Invest in Poland Agency presents the newest report describing 10 years of business services in Poland. On our pages you can also find the section describing office buildings and another article from the “Sex, Guns and Real Estate” cycle.
Outsourcing&More (numer: 21 | March-April 2015)

issue: 21

March-April 2015

In the current edition of Outsourcing&More we’d like to invite you to read the interview with Colin Waddell – Managing Director of CBRE in Poland. Among other publications you will find the description of the IAOP 2015 Outsourcing World Summit, which took place in Phoenix, US. The new set of reports include the Radstad publication concerning the labor market and Cushman&Wakefield describing Warsaw office market. Starting from this edition we are also presenting new publications concerning topics of entrepreneurship, consulting and business fashion style.
Outsourcing&More (numer: 20 | January-February 2015)

issue: 20

January-February 2015

In current issue we are presenting 99 personalities of Polish outsourcing industry. On our pages you can also find the winners of 2014 Outsourcing Stars contest. CBRE forecasts good year at real estate market and Tomasz Hanczarek (Work Service) writes about Polish labour market.
Outsourcing&More (numer: 19 | November-December 2014)

issue: 19

November-December 2014

In the last edition of Outsourcing&More in 2014 we have focussed a little bit more on German market. On our pages you can find two interviews with experts from outsourcing industry in Germany. HR report is written this time by Kelly Services and the most recent update from real estate is presented by JLL. The shared services industry has just received new certification, which is presented by CIMA. And finally Art PM explains what HPT stands for.
Outsourcing&More (numer: 18 | September-October 2014)

issue: 18

September-October 2014

The September edition of Outsourcing&More, among many interesting articles, gives you the interview with David Cohen from LinkedIn. Kamila Wykrota from DTZ writes about how outsourcing drives regional office market development and Piotr Chojnacki from HAYS Poland shares detailed information concerning Assessment Center. In the legal advisory section Mateusz Chudzik advices how to start business in Poland. This time you can also find more details concerning new job specs including Compliance Expert and Subject Matter Expert.
Outsourcing&More (numer: 17 | July-August 2014)

issue: 17

July-August 2014

July-August edition of Outsourcing&More is presenting interviews with outsourcing professionals – Mr. Slawomir Majman, the President of Invest in Poland Agency and Gautam Thakkar – CEO and Managing Director of Infosys BPO. Besides the interviews you can find another set of information from Polish cities, industry reports and job description from outsourcing industry.
Outsourcing&More (numer: 16 | March-April 2014)

issue: 16

March-April 2014

May as every year is the period of the various outsourcing events. We are going to be present on the most important ones with our most recent publication, where among others you can find the interview with Romek Lubaczewski – Polish BPO Guru. We are also presenting Radom, as the outsourcing satellite city for Warsaw, IXth Polish Outsourcing Forum in Berlin, legal advisories, description of the CBRE renegotiation gambit and many more – Enjoy the reading of May-June edition of the Outsourcing&More!
Outsourcing&More (numer: 15 | May-June 2014)

issue: 15

May-June 2014

In March edition of Outsourcing&More we are starting to present outsourcing business opportunities of another Polish City – The City of Bydgoszcz. In current issue you can find also interview with Michal Gierczak, the CEO of Connectis, reports prepared by CBRE and Randstad, description of outsourcing jobs and another set of information concerning the best office buildings in Poland.
Outsourcing&More (numer: 14 | January-February 2014)

issue: 14

January-February 2014

January is usually a month of various summaries, which we also included in the newest edition of Outsourcing&More. With the beginning of 2014 we are also introducing changes in the shape and content of the magazine and since now besides legal advisory we are also going to present you information concerning workplace ergonomics, description of recruitment related subjects and many more. Enjoy reading.
Outsourcing&More (numer: 13 | November-December 2013)

issue: 13

November-December 2013

And here it is – the newest edition of Outsourcing&More. The November-December issue is describing Silesia and City of Katowice and this is the end of two-year journey around Poland. This time we have also focused on LPO – Legal Process Outsourcing. Big thanks to Wardynski&Partners and Chudzik&Partners Solicitors for their publications. The Autumn time is rich in various industry events, which we are describing on our pages. While reading current edition of Outsourcing&More we are already inviting you to celebrate New Year – we are going to have significant changes for you!
Outsourcing&More (numer: 12 | September-October 2013)

issue: 12

September-October 2013

September-October’s edition of Outsourcing&More we dedicate to IT Outsourcing industry. Among a number of topics we are describing such interesting areas like IT Contracting, Big Data, interview with Aiton Caldwell experts as well as description of IT Cluster. Another region of Poland we have dedicated our pages to is Opole. The city of Opole located between Katowice and Wroclaw, has become a city with bright prospects of outsourcing industry development in Poland. We are presenting you the interview with Arkadiusz Wiśniewski, Deputy Mayor of Opole and many other interesting articles describing Opole.
Outsourcing&More (numer: 11 | July-August 2013)

issue: 11

July-August 2013

Our next stop in outsourcing journey across Poland is kujawsko-pomorskie region. City of Bydgoszcz is hosting such organizations like Atos, Operations Centre of Bank Pocztowy or Alcatel-Lucent. This is the region with over 22.000 graduates of various colleges and universities ready to support ICT industry and other outsourcing sectors. In our Outsourcing Guide this time we are presenting archiving services. Piotr Rutkowski is sharing another advices in the strategy of finding wife and Outsourcing-Verband presents next set of information of exporting services to German market.
Outsourcing&More (numer: 10 | May-June 2013)

issue: 10

May-June 2013

Sales Force Outsourcing, Merchandising, Mystery Shopper - in other words methods of external support of selling processes. Kielce, swietokrzyskie voivodeship and Eastern Poland. Reports from industry conferences and events, export of IT services to German market. Those and many other information concerning outsourcing world you can find in May/June edition of Outsourcing&More.
Outsourcing&More (numer: 9 | March-April 2013)

issue: 9

March-April 2013

PLN 2.978,25 – average monthly gross salary, 34.532sqm of office space, 14.551 graduates of universities, 1.076,29ha of Special Economy Zones – those and much more information concerning Warmia and Mazury Voivodeship you can find in march edition of Outsourcing&More. Additionally, the main topic is TSL industry – Transport, Shipping and Logistics – the publication prepared thanks to cooperation with Polish International Freight Forwarding Association.
Outsourcing&More (numer: 8 | January-February 2013)

issue: 8

January-February 2013

15 outsourcing summaries of 2012, 15 opinions and forecasts concerning outsourcing industry in Poland for 2013. All what you need to know about locating your business in Lublin as well as Real Estate industry description, including green buildings, price and location impact on the investors decision making process and Real Estate valuation. Those and many other publications, reports as well as interviews you will find in Januaries edition of Outsourcing&More.
Outsourcing&More (numer: 7 | November-December 2012)

issue: 7

November-December 2012

11 subjects you need to know about HR Outsourcing! The new Outsourcing&More is already available. Current magazine has been prepared in cooperation with Polish Human Resources Management Association (PSZK) and patronage of GoldenLine and PwC. November's issue of Outsourcing&More describes significant number of HR related topics. City we are focusing on this time is City of Wroclaw.
Outsourcing&More (numer: 6 | September-October 2012)

issue: 6

September-October 2012

This time we have focused on Call and Contact Centre industry, as well as Wielkopolska Region, City of Poznan, Pila, Radom, “I choose Kielce” foundation and co-working. We have interviewed Vice President of Poznan – Mr. Jerzy Stepien, Head of MAN Accounting Centre – Mr. Wojciech Skrudlik and Head of Linkleaders – Tomasz Podolak. You will also find publications concerning intercultural negotiations and social media supporting customer services.
Outsourcing&More (numer: 5 | July-August 2012)

issue: 5

July-August 2012

Welcome to Lodz, the fastest developing outsourcing location in Poland. In the current issue we have described City of Lodz, lodzkie region, interview with President of Lodz – Ms Hanna Zdanowska, profiles of outsourcing companies, Special Economy Zone and many other interesting local initiatives. This time the main topic of the magazine is dedicated to Car Fleet Management, which is the area of outsourcing popular in motorization industry. The CFM articles are supplemented with interview with Mr. Bartlomiej Debski, who has describe GPS vehicle tracking and monitoring systems.
Outsourcing&More (numer: 4 | May-June 2012)

issue: 4

May-June 2012

The May 2012 issue of Outsourcing&More has been prepared In Partnership with ASPIRE, PwC and Business in Malopolska and had it's premiere at the annual conference Acting Local Winning Global 2012 "How Big Can We Grow", which has been organized on May 24-25th at the Sheraton Hotel In Kraków. Kraków and Małopolska region are the Outsourcing destinations described in current edition of the Outsourcing&More and the main outsourcing topic are Finance and Accounting Services (F&A). Enjoy the publication.
Outsourcing&More (numer: 3 | March-April 2012)

issue: 3

March-April 2012

Current issue is dedicated to Masovia Region. This is central voivodeship in Poland, where there are located headquarters on many institutions focused on supporting foreign investors. On our pages you can find the description of Invest in Poland organization (PAIiIZ) as well as the interview with Slawomir Majman – President of PAIiIZ. Among other articles we are presenting the KPO – Knowledge Process Outsourcing industry. We are sure you will find many interesting and useful information from outsourcing industry.
Outsourcing&More (numer: 2 | January-February 2012)

issue: 2

January-February 2012

In the second issue of Outsourcing&More we have focused on the BPO terminology, describing the profile of the industry, current reports but also opinions of the experts concerning closed 2011 and forecasts for 2012. The Januaries issue is also presenting Pomerania Region and key information as well as reports concerning this part of Poland.
Outsourcing&More (numer: 1 | October–December 2011)

issue: 1

October–December 2011

In the first issue of Outsourcing&More we have included detailed description of West Pomerania Region as well as City of Szczecin in relation to outsourcing investments (including real estate market, human resources and others). We are also presenting theIn the first issue of Outsourcing&More we have included detailed description of West Pomerania Region as well as City of Szczecin in relation to outsourcing investments (including real estate market, human resources and others). We are also presenting the description of Shared Service Centers. Slupsk Special Economy Zone is described as well.

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